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Day 2 (May 18, 1999) - British Columbia

BC Ferry
BC Ferry that served as one of our traveling companions this day. We were also accompanied by another cruise ship, but that photo didn't come out.

Our first full day at sea dawned cold, windy, rainy, and foggy, and remained so throughout much of the day. The rain and fog let up a bit several times during the day, but only for short periods. Each time we came near something that was supposed to be worth seeing, though, the rain and fog closed in on us again.

This type of weather is not uncommon in British Columbia and southeast Alaska.

Looking aft on the port side

This was easily the most relaxing day we had on the trip. With no ports of call, and generally nasty weather, we took it easy taking part in various shipboard activities (especially those that involved eating). I also spent several hours lounging on the Promenade deck (deck 7) enjoying the cool sea air and generally freezing my booty.

We did have an opportunity to see a bit of wildlife this day, but only fleeting glimpses of orcas and dall porpoises.

Late afternoon scenery looking aft on the starboard side.

Towards late afternoon, the weather began to breakbit, with our first peeks at blue sky and snow spattered mountains in the background. However, we were rarely close enough to shore to make out much in the way of details. Still, it was most pleasant to just sit out on deck and enjoy the scenery.

Barge and Tug
Barge and Tug

...of the Inside Passage (Day 2).


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