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Day 3 (May 19, 1999) - Creek Street Historical District

Entrance to Creek Street
Entrance to Creek Street

Creek Street, looking back
Looking back from end of Creek Street

After returning from the tour, we found ourselves with a little time to explore Ketchikan. Since it was the tourist thing to do, we headed over for Creek Street where Ketchikan got its start. While picturesque, it's really a tourist trap in disguise - lots of little shops. Still, it is a short and rather pleasant walk, just a few blocks from the docks.

Between Creek Street and the rest of the touristy part of town, we found the best shopping available anyplace on the cruisetour (at least until we arrived in Anchorage). Lots of great junk shops, many with very reasonable prices. If you like shopping while vacationing, you will very likely enjoy shopping in Ketchikan.

Beyond Creek Street
Looking out beyond the end of Creek Street

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