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Day 6 (May 22, 1999) - Lamplugh Glacier

Approaching Lamplugh Glacier
Another cruise ship prepares to depart Lamplugh Glacier. Only two cruise ships per day are allowed in Glacier Bay.

Lamplugh Glacier
Lamplugh Glacier closeup with rich coloration.

Our second (and final) close approach was to the Lamplugh glacier, at the head of the inlet that leads to the Johns Hopkins Glacier. We were unable to visit Johns Hopkins due to park restrictions - the inlet is a calving ground for seals, and it was pupping season.

The Lamplugh Glacier is retreating slowly, and was completely inactive this day. Still, it's location in a protected inlet with a glassy smooth surface left me as nearly awed as I was with the Margerie Glacier's extreme activity. Decreasing cloud cover and warming weather only added to the beauty.

We spent about 30 minutes all-stop at the Lamplugh Glacier, plenty of time for all aboard to get as many pictures as they wanted.

Mirror Surface
The glacier's face mirrored in the waters of the inlet.

Bergy Bits
The inlet near Lamplugh Glacier is filled with bergy bits.

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