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Route Map (Modified version of map available on the Princess web site)

After looking over a variety of possible itineraries with several different cruise lines, we finally settled on Princess's "Heart of Alaska" 12-Day Cruisetour. The choice was difficult as many of the cruise lines offer very similar tours, and most have a wide variety of different packages. Even on the specific cruisetour packages, not all sailings follow the same routes. For example, not all cruises get to visit the spectacular Glacier Bay (the National Park Service restricts the large ships to just two a day). As it happens, the cruise we selected had a bonus port of call at Haines - this wasn't even listed in the brochure itinerary.

Our criteria for selecting the cruise included price and minimal time spent in motor coaches (busses). Glacier Bay, College Fjord, and Denali were places we had on our must see list. We also decided to sail in May. Though we knew this could be the time when we were most likely to encounter bad weather, it had several advantages:

We decided on Princess because they offer the best selection of different routes, decent pricing, and a minimum of time spent aboard busses. Mom also liked the appearance of their ships in the brochures.

Our itinerary ended up looking like this:

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