Old Town

I'm now in the Old Town section of Tacoma - the location where Tacoma was first settled. Back then, it was named Commencement City, but sometime in the 1800s, it was renamed Tacoma in honor of Mt. Tacoma, aka Mt. Tahoma, aka Mt. Rainier. Tacoma wanted to be known for the mountain, but opposition by Seattle and other places in Washington resulted in the official name of the mountain as Mt. Rainier.

Nowadays, Old Town is not much more than a section of Tacoma known for easy access to the Ruston Way Park, which spans several miles of Commencement Bay. The town portion has been substantially renovated, and no longer shows any trace of being historical.

I have a fascination for parallel lines, and many of my photos often demonstrate that. I'm especially fond of railroad tracks, so here we have the railroad tracks that run along the shoreline near Old Town.

Old Town Railroad Tracks

Here's a view of Commencement Bay from Ruston Way Park. This was meant to be a somewhat larger panorama, but the stitching software choked on the additional images. If you look hard, you can see the Olympic Mountains in the background. It's not very often we can see the Olympic Mountains here in Tacoma - it's rarer yet that you can see both the Olympics and the Cascades, as we could today. Unfortunately, the Cascades were just barely visible today.

Commencement Bay and Olympic Mountains

Old Town as seen from Ruston Way Park. This was one of my better shots of the day.

Old Town

The Port of Tacoma as seen from Ruston Way Park. The Cascades are barely visible in the background on the right-hand side of the picture.

Port of Tacoma

An abstract piece - this is the Sun as seen through the roof of a bus stop shelter. It didn't come out as well as I had hoped.

Bus Stop Shelter