Tacoma Vista

This picture is a panoramic image created by combining 5 separate photos into a single image, followed by some digitial enhancements. The photo is taken from a high bridge that overlooks downtown Tacoma and Commencement Bay. Tacoma is on the left, Commencement Bay in the center, and the Tacoma Dome on the right.

Tacoma and Commencement Bay Panorama

The next 5 images contain the individual photos that were used to create the above image. All photos are unretouched.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

The Tacoma Dome

Tacoma Dome

A church on top of a hill. I'm not sure of the name of this church, but it's one of the prettiest in Tacoma.


A downtown view from up top the hill where most of Tacoma resides.