Titlow Park

Moving on, I'm now at Titlow Park, just about the only place in Tacoma where one can get a good ground-level view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge without being in a car on a busy highway. It's about a 1-1/2 mile hike to the viewing place I found. On the way, there were some ducks and a goose.


After walking in a mile and a half, I discover that the prime viewing area has been fenced off for some reason. Still, I'm able to get a half-way decent panoramic shot of the bridge - however, the east tower is obscured by a tree. (Later, I was to discover another viewing area that would have been even better. By that time, though, my legs were beginning to cramp, and I was in no condition to walk another two miles round trip. Note to myself (and Mom) - get some walking excercise in before we go to Alaska. We don't want our stateroom smelling like Ben-Gay the entire trip. I can barely move today.)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

And, one final shot - the east tower of the bridge, with my favorite subject - railroad tracks - in the foreground.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge and Railroad Tracks